Unfortunately you can’t. EXEDY does not sell directly to the public. You must buy our products through our distributor.

Click on the distributor finder link on the website or call 603-40434388

We recommend that you only buy our products from an authorized dealer. We don’t condone buying EXEDY products from resellers on Ebay or other auction type website, since we have no way to confirm that the products are genuine.

Yes! The alignment dowel pins properly locate the cover assembly to the flywheel. Without these pins severe vibration and engine damage can result. The alignment dowel pins should always be replaced if they are damaged, broken off, or missing from the flywheel.

All EXEDY clutch assemblies are designed to be a direct bolt in replacement for the stock clutch assembly. Pedal height adjustments are sometimes necessary depending on application.

Yes, if your vehicle is equipped with a pilot bearing or bushing, it is recommended to replace and correctly lubricate the pilot bearing/ bushing when changing the clutch.

We recommend breaking in the clutch for 1,000lm with mild engagement such as stop and go city driving. Do not overheat the clutch during the beak in period.

Yes, as long as the flywheel complies with the Original Equipment Specifications.

All EXEDY products are designed to longevity in mind; clutch life will greatly depend on the vehicle’s condition, your type of driving and torque output of the engine. For example a vehicle driven in heavy stop and go traffic will have a reduced clutch life than the same vehicle that is driven on the open highway.